Thursday 26 April 2012

Daemon Invasion and Recruitment!

Today I have some really exciting news to share with all of you! Daemon Invasion is here!!! Yeah, you heard right that sexy alien is here, ready to invade the blogosphere and our hearts yet again. Are you ready???

Apart from that, I'm really excited for another reason as well. You see I'm really proud to announce that I'm a member of the Elite Street Team in the Daemon Invasion Tour and that means that I'm gonna need some of you as members on my team!!! All you have to do is fulfill a set of tasks each time and compete with the rest of amazing teams to win some great prizes. You know Jen,  I'm more than certain that she will have some really great and fun things in mind!
Here's is exactly what as a Street Team we are going to do:

"Here's a gist of how the Street Teams will work...
You can have no more then 10 members on your team. Once you have collected your team, send us a group name so we can keep track of you and your team members. 
We'll then send you the first list of tasks. If you complete those by a certain date you get to move onto the next Tier of Tasks. As long as you and your team keep completing the tasks by the given dates you'll keep moving on to the grand prizes! We'll send you a kit that you can use to accomplish your tasks (we'll also need addresses of your team members if they want a kit as well). 
Don't worry, the tasks are super easy and fun!

All I'm going to need from you is at least an active blog or twitter account and a lot of love for Daemon and The Lux series. Not that much right??? So, just leave your info (name,email,twitter handle and/or blog url) in the comments section and help me create an amazing team :)

Are you ready for the Daemon Invasion?

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