Review Policy

To publishers and writers

I would be more than happy to read and/or promote in any way your work.Reviews, interviews,guest posts and contests/giveaways or in any other way you find suitable.I mostly read printed copies or e-books in EPUB format

Genres I read/review
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense

I pretty much read anything except Biographies,Horror or Sci-Fi.
The titles I accept to read and review are only those that intrigue me and I think that suit my taste. I won't accept a title that I think I won't like.

My reviews express my personal opinion and that means that when I like or dislike a book I always say it.I try for my reviews to be honest and either I like or not a book that is only my personal opinion.I respect every writer and his/her work but it's just impossible for every book out there to be perfect for me.A negative review does not mean that the book is bad,just that it wasn't the right for me.

You can contact me at anniech85(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you!

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