Thursday 29 March 2012

REVIEW: Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

Series: Arcadia Bell,#1
Publication Date:
June 28th 2011
Publisher: Pocket
Mass Market Paperback, 358 pages

Meet Arcadia Bell: bartender, renegade magician, fugitive from the law. . . .

Being the spawn of two infamous occultists (and alleged murderers) isn’t easy, but freewheeling magician Arcadia “Cady” Bell knows how to make the best of a crummy situation. After hiding out for seven years, she’s carved an incognito niche for herself slinging drinks at the demon-friendly Tambuku Tiki Lounge.

But she receives an ultimatum when unexpected surveillance footage of her notorious parents surfaces: either prove their innocence or surrender herself. Unfortunately, the only witness to the crimes was an elusive Æthyric demon, and Cady has no idea how to find it. She teams up with Lon Butler, an enigmatic demonologist with a special talent for sexual spells and an arcane library of priceless stolen grimoires. Their research soon escalates into a storm of conflict involving missing police evidence, the decadent Hellfire Club, a ruthless bounty hunter, and a powerful occult society that operates way outside the law. If Cady can’t clear her family name soon, she’ll be forced to sacrifice her own life . . . and no amount of running will save her this time.

Kindling the Moon is a very interesting and really promising debut Urban Fantasy title. I don't know why I was really surprised by how good this books really is. After all, all the reviews of it are good and I had it recommended to me by some people whose taste I quite trust.

Jenn Bennett's voice is strong and clear and her writing style humorous, even and easy flowing. So as you can guess, as soon as I started reading this book, I just couldn't possibly put it down. The plot was full of twists, mystery and action and there wasn't even a single moment when I felt bored by reading Kindling the Moon. Granted, some of the twists in the end, were a bit predictable after a certain point in the story, but still, that fact didn't spoil things for me. After all, the plot was so full of action that any predictability went a bit unnoticed.

The world Bennett created is unique and intricate and unlike anything I have read to this point. Magic and demons are set in a fresh world where all the rules are different from what you come to expect. We have Earthbounds, the children of demons and human, savages (think something like Muggles) magicians and demons. And you have a very unique and powerful heroine, who doesn't even know how powerful she really is and how her unlikely conception has influenced her life in many aspects.

The characters are well developed and interesting. I really loved Arcadia, how strong, smart and brave she is and how willing to do whatever it takes for those she cares.
Lon, reminded me a bit of Johny Depp in his description, and that by itself, was enough reason to make me love him and then some more. But apart from his looks, he is caring and his sarcastic tone made me really laugh.
But my favorite character in this book was by far Jupe, Lon's son. I have to admit that at first, I didn't know what to think about my alpha male in a story being a parent. You see, I haven't read many books, if any at all, where my heroes are parents, so in the beginning I was a bit uncertain. But Jupe is such a great character, that all my reservations evaporated in the blink of an eye! He is such a cute and adorable kid, and his presence really added in the whole story. His perspective of things was interesting and entertaining and the way he talks and perceives things was among my favorite parts of the book.

All in all, Kindling the Moon, is a fresh Urban Fantasy title, from an author who seems very promising. I can't wait for the next book to get published!


  1. I really have to stop reading blogs, all those recommendations of great books lately, I have bought so many, and there are so many more! I just don't have enough reading time.

    1. Me too! Although I can't really regret it! I love finding new books :)

  2. I know that Miss Vain was talking me into reading this one because book two just released two days ago if I remember correctly. Now that I have seen some reviews on the series I feel more confident in purchasing a copy.

    Thanks for the great review, I hope you enjoy book 2!

    1. And she was so right to insist that I read this book, well, as always :)
      Book 2 is scheduled for release on April 24th and I'm so glad to say that I have read it and it is as good as the first one and then better in some areas. I'll be posting the review of Summoning the Night sometime closer to the publication date.


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