Thursday 15 November 2012

REVIEW: Sugar Rush by Rachel Astor

Sugar Rush by Rachel Astor

Publication Date:August 25th 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC (Bliss)
ebook, 158 pages
Useful Info: Goodreads, Author's Website

There’s nothing quite like your first bite.

Dulcie Carter has been running her family’s homemade sweet shop, Candy Land Confections, on her own since her mom passed away. But business is slow and rent is high, so Dulcie knows if she wants to keep her mom’s dream alive, she’ll need a miracle. Winning the annual Assembly of Chocolatiers competition will change everything, if only she can overcome her fears and bring herself to create something new for the first time in a long time.

Then she meets Nick, a molten-hot guy with a sexy smirk and chocolate brown eyes. The attraction is stronger than any sugar rush—until she discovers he’s set to inherit his family’s big-box candy shop in town, which is her strongest competitor for first prize. Nick’s got his own reasons for needing the win, but then being around Dulcie is proving addictive.

As the competition heats up, so do the sparks between them. Can they keep their sights on winning, when love might be the sweetest prize of all?

Sugar Rush is one of the sweetest and cutest stories I read this year! I mean this book is so sweet that I dreamt of cupcakes the whole time while reading it! Well ,the fact that cupcakes and other various candies were mentioned the whole time didn't help me with my diet, that's for sure :)

But, even if candies weren't mentioned every now and then, still, Sugar Rush would be a super sweet and cute read. Hands down!

First of all, it was refreshing amidst the erotica chaos, were every single romantic title has its protagonists having some sex from the very first chapters, to finally read one that the sex is only implied. I didn't realise how accustomed I had become to sex scenes until I read this book. It kind of reminded me that if the author is up to the task, there's no need for a book to be sexy to be bombarded by sex scenes. And granted, Sugar Rush may not have any descriptions of steamy hot scenes, but still, it's sexy in it's own way. And for that, I loved it all the more.

The other thing I really loved about this one is the fact that plot is surrounded by soooo much chocolate! I'm a chocolate addict myself and this book combined two of my loves in one single package: chocolate and romance. I mean is there any other more perfect setting for a romantic story than that of a candy store? I was a goner before I even started reading this story!

I really loved Dulcie and Nick, the two protagonists, how they interacted and how their romance unfolded. Granted, the actual plot of the book might not be that original but the setting definitely makes up for it! On the other hand, Dulcie's grandmother and Nick's father weren't my most favorite characters of the book, but even so, I think that they added to the whole narration. The character development is pretty good, although I would have loved for Nick to be a little bit more explored. I kind of feel that I don't know him as good as Dulcie and I definitely needed some more background. But even so, Sugar Rush was one of those books that as soon as I started reading it I just couldn't put it down.!

All in all, Sugar Rush is a super sweet and cute read you shouldn't miss the opportunity reading. Even if it is for the creativity of some of the candies described :) You'd be pleasantly surprised, believe me!

* This title was provided for review via NetGalley

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