Thursday 13 October 2011

EARLY REVIEW: The Iron Knight (Iron Fey,#4) by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Publication Date: October 25th 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Paperback, 386 pages

My name—my True Name—is Ashallayn'darkmyr Tallyn.

I am the last remaining son of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court. And I am dead to her.

My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl…

Well,what can I possibly say about the conclusion of the Iron Fey series apart from, Wow!Yeah,I think that pretty much sums up everything!Julie Kagawa,yet again delivers an astonishingly well written book and a beautiful conclusion to her fae series.

To anyone who has already read the previous three books of the series it is quite apparent that Julie Kagawa is a skilled writer who manages to deliver beautifully woven stories able to "travel" her readers.Well, somehow I found that in Iron Knight that skill of hers reached a whole new level.Kagawa's writing was more mature and I don't know if she just matured as a writer even more so,or if it is a result of changing the point of view of her narration and to be honest,I couldn't care less.What I do care,is that Iron Knight is a pure fantasy novel full of lyrical descriptions of wonderfull and imaginal landscapes as well as intriguing fantastical creatures!

I can't even describe how much I liked that this story was from Ash's POV!I loved that I was able to get an insight of his thoughts and see for myself what his feelings were towards Meghan and the fact that they can't be together.The part of his trials to gain a soul were my favorite by far.All the emotions and all the memories were given in such a way that it was like living through them myself.
Another part I really enjoyed was where we learned more about his relationship with Puck.Learning what Ash really thought about Puck and their form of friendship gave Ash a more "mortal" id,before even starting the trials to gain a soul.

Honestly,I could go on and on explaining the many things I liked in Iron Knight.But the main point is,that Julie Kagawa created such an amazing series,that noone should miss reading.After all,after reading even the first book in the series,you know that you have in your hands something you will not forget soon.So it shouldn't come as a surprise,that the final book is as good as the first one and then some more!The Iron Fey series,is simply that good!

*This title was reviewed via NetGalley


  1. Dude, the emotions created in this book had me baling! My poor heart! And so many tough choices. Nice review!

  2. Great review Anna. As this series is now finished, perhaps I'll read them back to back :)

  3. I would have been ok had this series ended with The Iron Queen. Maybe not thrilled, but the ending made sense to me. I was overjoyed to hear about this final edition to the series told from Ash's point of view. I was hoping it would make a satisfying ending to a wonderful series.


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