Monday 14 October 2013

Important Announcement!

Hello everyone! It's been quite sometime since you've heard from me... Well, I'm here today to remedy that fact and make a couple of important announcements considering my blogging future.

But, let's take things from the start. Well, my complete absence from the blogging community has a very good reason, I assure you. The last couple of months were so full of changes in my personal life and so busy that blogging was the last thing I had time to do. Add to all that the fact that I felt completely drained and reluctant to write even a single sentence and well, a break was somewhat necessary in order to keep my sanity. So now that everything is finally back to its normal pace and at last I got a much needed break from everything, I'm back and ready to change some things.

First of all, and that wasn't an easy decision at all, I've decided to stop running Books to Brighten your Mood. Like I said, it wasn't an easy decision and I struggled to come to terms with it. But considering all the changes in my life I just wasn't able to keep blogging the way I used to. As all bloggers know, blogging is a really hard and demanding job. It takes quite a few hours to prep all the posts and reviews and to that, I'm not counting all the time it's needed just to catch up with all the review requests and commitments with authors. In the past few months I found myself struggling just to catch up with everything and all I read were just books I had accepted to review. I know that's my own fault and noone else's. But what I realised was that along the way I had forgotten the reason I started blogging in the first place. And that was for the fun of it! But for the past few months blogging felt like a chore, like an actual job with deadlines and a full calendar I couldn't really catch up with. So, where's the fun in all that? I was tired and my blog suffered from that fact. And I realised I hated this more than the prospect of stop blogging altogether. 

So, this is the end for Book to Brighten your Mood. I want to thank each and everyone of you that made a dream of mine come real, for your comments and support and for making it possible for me to share my love for books in this really fun community.

But, that's not the end of my announcement. You see, I kept the fun part for the end :P
The end of Books to Brighten your Mood isn't the end of my blogging life. Far from it! Because lovely Stella (and fellow Book Lover) had the awesome idea of joining forces together on Ex Libris!!!!!!!!! Can you say how excited I am about the prospect????? Oh yeah, too excited to even describe it, because Stella isn't only a great blogger but one of the sweetest persons I was lucky enough to meet in the blogosphere! And the prospect of working together over at Ex Libris is reason enough for me to find all that energy to return to my blogging tasks that I lacked the past few months. It was the boost I needed to finally get excited again!

So, if you still want to catch up with my latest reviews and news feel free to join us over at Ex Libris! I can safely say that it will be too much fun :) Along with Stella we will discuss books, bookish news and we will have the occasional dual review that I hope will be so much fun for you to read as it is for us to write :)

Thank you everyone for being with me all this time and hope I'll see you again at my new home :)
Here I come Stella!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. like i told you already ^i'm glad you are not giving up and i will follow there with pleasure ( since i was already a follower^^;;)

  2. Hi Anna, I did miss your blog lately, and I am really glad you have your groove back :) I think you will add some more diversity to Stella's blog, and I will join you over there. Have fun reading!

  3. Thank you ladies for your kind words and see you at Stella's :)

  4. Will miss Books to Brighten Your Mood, but will certainly be joining you over at Ex Libris. Thanks for your fabulous blog!!!

    1. Hope I'll see you over Jennifer and with a new book release pretty soon!!!

  5. So glad to have you join me Anna, it will be like a constant sleepover in high school: lots and lots of fun and endless chats! :-D

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  7. We miss Books to Engligten your mood! Come back.

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