Tuesday 12 April 2011

READING: Darkness Becomes Her (Gods&Monsters,#1) by Kelly Keaton

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

Publication Date: February 22nd 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Hardcover, 288 pages

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Ari can’t help feeling lost and alone. With teal eyes and freakish silver hair that can’t be changed or destroyed, Ari has always stood out. And after growing up in foster care, she longs for some understanding of where she came from and who she is.

Her search for answers uncovers just one message from her long dead mother: Run. Ari can sense that someone, or something, is getting closer than they should. But it’s impossible to protect herself when she doesn’t know what she’s running from or why she is being pursued.

She knows only one thing: she must return to her birthplace of New 2, the lush rebuilt city of New Orleans. Upon arriving, she discovers that New 2 is very...different. Here, Ari is seemingly normal. But every creature she encounters, no matter how deadly or horrifying, is afraid of her.

Ari won’t stop until she knows why. But some truths are too haunting, too terrifying, to ever be revealed.

Darkness Becomes Her was a surprising novel in many ways!It was a refreshing and totally engaging debut novel in a series I can't wait to see what happens next!

Darkness Becomes Her has a somewhat rough start,since it begins a bit abruptly,taking for granted things the reader has no way of possibly knowing...But after some chapters, explanations are slowly given and before you is unfolded a unique story!Cause what makes this book so amazing is its unique plot and world building!
This book has everything!Vampires,shapeshifters,witches,gods,harpies and mythical creatures all woven in a world,not exactly like we currently know it but not that different also... well,minus the mythical creatures of course!
The storyline and the writing style are engaging!From the very first pages,Kelly Keaton manages to grab the reader's interest and she's not stopping to amaze him until the end!

The characters are well developed and I really liked Ari.She was independent,strong and smart,a heroine that can stand all by herself in a strong and cruel world where gods manipulate humans and destroy lives in a whim.
The romance was good but not my favorite part of the story.I could see the connection between Ari and Sebastian but somehow I found it a bit rushed...One minute they were total strangers and awkward between them and the next they're kissing.As I said,how the romantic element unfolded in this story may not be my favorite part but I have definitely read worse and to be honest,that fact didn't spoil the fun of the book at all!
I also loved Sebastian's character!I mean he's introduced and one of the first descriptions of him,is wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and... well, I have a thing for guys wearing a band's t-shirt!Strange what draws one's attention right?But apart from that,ok insignificant detail!, Sebastian is caring and strong and loyal.

Anyway,I found really unique the way Keaton chose to take the tragic event of the hurricanes and destruction in New Orleans some years before and make that a setting and a crucial part of her story.I enjoyed how she took that tragedy,altered it and started from there her story.As I also enjoyed the "gang" of all those kids living on their own.It gave me a "lost kids" feeling from the Peter Pan story and I loved how all these kids,feeling ostracised by an already odd community,chose to stick together and form a kind of family with such strong bonds.

All in all,Darkness Becomes Her is a totally unique YA novel,with a certain dark fairy tale feeling to it,that I really enjoyed reading and I can't wait for the sequel!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I just started this one this morning.
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