Sunday 23 January 2011

Fever series Mania!

I had scheduled for quite sometime to re-read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.I mean this series along with anything Jeaniene Frost writes are by far my favorite books!To anyone who is familiar with the Fever series knows exactly what i mean!To anyone who has still to read those books,i highly recommend that you do as soon as possible and don't make the mistake i did,order the whole series at once!Those books end with such cliffhangers that i was really mad with myself that one,i didn't order all the books that were published at the time at once and two,i didn't hear my friends and started reading them before the whole series was published!I'm serious,the endings leave you one edge and the publication dates were really far one from another!Anyway,no such problem right now,since at last Shadowfever is published and i seriously can't wait to read it!

But before i read Shadowfever i seriously needed a re-read!I've read those books sometime at 2009 and although i remember the plot and the story,there are some details that i have forgotten!And i want to enjoy Shadowfever as much as possible,plus prolong the time that this series will actually end...
And since i have never made a proper review of those books,i thought that it's necessary for me to do so!So, from tommorow,i will be posting it's day a review for each of the five books in the series!I just hope that i will be ready with the deadline i put myself to post the Shadowfever review on Friday!Either way by Sunday i will be ready and i will know the answers to all the questions i have!I just can't wait!

So,stay tuned for a week long celebration of the Fever series!


  1. Can you believe somehow I haven't read this series yet? *gasps* I know! Will have to get to it soon, maybe thanks to your event ;-) Happy Easter Anna! :-)

    1. You really should Stella! It's a crime you haven't already :P


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