Monday 20 December 2010

READING: City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3) by Stacia Kane

City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane

Publication Date: July 27th 2010
Publisher: Del Rey Books
Paperback, 408 pages

IT’S A THIN LINE BETWEEN ALIVE AND UNDEAD. Chess Putnam has a lot on her plate. Mangled human corpses have started to show up on the streets of Downside, and Chess’s bosses at the Church of Real Truth have ordered her to team up with the ultra-powerful Black Squad agency to crack the grisly case.Chess is under a binding spell that threatens death if she talks about the investigation, but the city’s most notorious crime boss—and Chess’s drug dealer—gets wind of her new assignment and insists on being kept informed. If that isn’t bad enough, a sinister street vendor appears to have information Chess needs. Only he’s not telling what he knows, or what it all has to do with the vast underground City of Eternity.Now Chess will have to navigate killer wraiths, First Elders, and a lot of seriously nasty magic—all while coping with some not-so-small issues of her own. And the only man Chess can trust to help her through it all has every reason to want her dead.From the Paperback edition.

Needless to say,i became a huge fan of Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane.If you have read my previous reviews of the other 2 books in the series i'm guessing you understood how much i liked them!
City of Ghosts,is as good as the previous books and if i may say even better!

Downside Ghosts series is among those series that just gets better by each book and each one of them manages to grab the reader's attention and suck him even deeper into an amazing world!I find it hard to write this review cause i think that i have already said everything in my previous reviews...The plot is amazing and the world where the story unfolds is getting even crueller, book by book, but still beautiful in it's own ways!I think that for a world where no religion exists,this book's characters are really religious,but believing in themselves and their own power rather than somewhere else.

I just loved the way the relationship between Chess and Terrible builds up.It's among the most believable couples i've encountered in books,with a relationhip not full of roses or any other sweetness,something that surely fits with the whole setting of this story.Nothing here is easy or beautiful,but still,you get to love every aspect of this world!Every character here isn't sketched perfectly but his darker emotions are vividly displayed!And i just loved that!That's how real people are,not just perfect,conscious and righteous the whole time!And maybe that's why i enjoyed every single page of this book,scratch that,of every book in this series!

The plot again follows the same steps,as in the previous books,but here we get to learn more on everything!More on the characters' life,more on the world,on the politics and the way everything works,plus more on the Lamaru,the really bad guys!All in all,a more than decent book and definitely the best series i started this year!I'm guessing my Christmas came earlier,when i decided to pich this series!

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  1. I have seen this series around the blogging community and sounds like something I would really enjoy. Awesome review - added it to my ever growing list.

    Happy Holidays.


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