Monday 20 September 2010

Blog Update and Rating System

Finally,after so many days i have my computer back after a major break down...I was without my pc for 3 days and i thought i might go nuts!!!No i'm not a computer addict,i just spent many hours of my day in front of one!Anyway,i have it back now and i'm all ready for regular posting!
The second thing i wanted to inform you was that i finally created a rating system for my reviews.Since i decided to create this blog i've been meaning to have a rating system to rate the books i'm reviewing but i just wasn't satisfied with a numeral rating... I wanted a row of flowers or butterflies or anything that would look pretty.Well,i'm not too adequate with photoshop with which i wanted to create my rating system,and no matter how i tried i just couldn't make it work as i wanted.It's actually a pretty simple thing,now that i saw it done properly,but,i just didn't know how to do it!But thankfully,a very good friend of mine,to whom i own the fact that my pc is actually working right now,since he has fixed it quite a number of times (thanks Pano for everything!) has done his magic again and now i'm so proud to present you with my own butterfly rating system.
Here is how it goes:
 It's an amazing book!You should definitely buy it and read it!

I really liked this book.There were just a few things i didn't like about it.

A decent book.I liked it but there were a number of things that annoyed me.

It was ok and i mostly read it out of curiosity.

Didn't like this book at all.Spent your time reading something else.

What do you think of my new rating system?

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