Thursday 12 January 2012

REVIEW: Until the Morning Sun (Sun,#1) by Kimberly Montague

Until the Morning Sun by Kimberly Montague

Publication Date: September 5th 2011
Publisher: Kimberly Montague
Kindle Edition, 220 pages

24 year-old Aeva has existed and survived by a somewhat sheltered and ordinary life. As a high school librarian, her life experiences have primarily come through the eyes of characters in novels. She's never really been in love, never travelled the world, and never experienced the adventures and magic life can offer.

But all this is about to change when she discovers that her father, who died six years earlier, is not actually dead. Now, she must struggle with the very powerful form of magic inside her as she finds out that the paranormal adventures she's only read about in books are not-so-fictional.

With the help of the experienced playboy, Grey, she enters into a new world of vampires, magic, and at long last, love. But can she handle the horrors lurking around every corner when her life tends more toward nightmare than fairy-tale?

Until the Morning Sun was a fun read, one that I really enjoyed and for that I am deeply grateful to the author Kimberly Montague for providing me with a copy of her book.

Until the Morning Sun is a very interesting read, the world building has some fresh and new elements and although the book had some awkward moments many first book in a series have, it managed to entertain me up to the end.
I really liked the way Montague sketched her main heroine Aeva. She was a real character if you know what I mean, I just could easily picture her as the woman next door, so down to earth and so realistic, I just really liked the way she was portrayed.
Grey was a bit of a mystery to me for the better part of the book and I guess that was the author's intention.

Now, despite the fact that I enjoyed Until the Morning Sun, as I said there were a few awkward moments in it. And those for me, mostly consisted of the way the plot progresses. I mean, the book has a good and strong first 1/3, then it slows down just to pick up again by the end of the story. All the middle of the plot focuses solely on Aeva's training and nothing actually happens. I get that her training was crucial to the story, but I kind of needed more to happen. Reading about only Aeva's training and her romance with Grey just wasn't enough. And talking about the romance, that itself was a bit awkward at times as well. I just wanted a little less back and forth in their relationship to fully connect with them.

All in all, Until the Morning Sun was a fun read that I enjoyed reading.


  1. I need to pick up an adult book. Loved the review!

  2. New book for me, thanks for the review! Sounds intriguing.


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