Sunday 27 November 2011

Blogging for Book Lovers Inc.!!!

Book Lovers Inc
I just wanted to let everyone know about one very exciting change in my blogging life!Cause as from today on, as well as blogging here, I will also be a full time member at Book Lovers Inc!!!
I'm very excited that the girls over there saw in my application something that fits their work and the Book Lovers philosophy and gave me the chance to join their beautiful gang!As a blogger I admired their work and as a member I'll try my best to keep up with them!
So, if you aren't familiar yet with the girls amazing work,come follow me there!Believe me they are amazing and have already made me feel like home!
Books to Brighten your Mood will still be running of course as normal, you can just find me and my work at Book Lovers as well!
Along with me, Book Lovers joins the amazing Alisha from My Need to Read! So,come along with us to our new journey!


  1. congrats, i will follow on both blog then

  2. I thought it was you when I saw the introduction! Will you be double posting your reviews?

  3. Probably yes Aurian.I haven't decided about the books I get through BLI yet but I will certainly have some cross posting to keep everything up!


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