Tuesday 6 September 2011

EARLY REVIEW: Seers by Heather Frost

Seers by Heather Frost

Publication Date: October 8th 2011
Publisher: Bonneville
Hardcover, 330 pages

For Kate Bennet, surviving the car wreck that killed her parents means big changes and even bigger problems. As she begins to see auras and invisible people, Kate must learn to trust Patrick O'Donnell, a handsome Guardian, or risk her life being overrun with Demons. She soon realizes that both she and her heart are in big-time trouble.

I have to admit I didn't really know what to expect when I started reading Seers.What pulled me immediatelly in this book and made me want to read it was undeniably its premise.As soon as I read it I just knew I had to read this book...!And more or less,the story of Seers delivered exactly what I got to expect from the premise.

First of all,I have to note that Seers is the debut novel of Heather Frost and as that I have to admit that the writer did a really good job.The writing style is quite good,the story flows easily and in general,I was quite pleasantly surprised by the way Heather Frost managed to deliver her story.
I found the idea of Seers and people seeing auras after nearly death experiences really intriguing.I liked the world building and found the main character Kate,fairly well developed.But I'm afraid that the character development in this book focused mainly on Kate and pretty much noone else.I liked Patrick,the male leader,almost from the very first pages,but as the story unfolded I soon realised that my insight of his character pretty much summed up to what I learned about him in those first chapters.After some point,I found myself losing my interest to him,and soon the romantic plot of the story lost my attention.And speaking of the romantic plot,once more I found the love triangle thing totally meaningless.I really saw no point in Kate maintaning a relationship with her boyfriend almost from the first chapters of the book,apart from maybe an inner desire to keep things as they were before her parents died.

One more thing I have to note is that as soon as I finished reading Seers,I found myself unable to grasp the whole idea behind the universe (no matter how good I find the idea behind it) and how that worked.Maybe that's entirely my fault, but I just couldn't really get why demons,angels and Seers existeded in the first place,apart from fighting each other.

Anyway,considering that Seers is a debut novel,I really think that it's a really decent book,and I strongly believe that Heather Frost has a bright future in front of her. I can't wait to see what she has in store with her next story!

Heather  Frost will be stopping by here on September 22nd as part of The Seers Blog Tour for an Interview and giveaway of her soon to be published book Seers!
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  1. Great review Anna! Perhaps she can give you some answers in the interview.

  2. I like that the premise is relatively unique and I'm quite curious. I sit a series? Maybe the author can connect the "Whys" better in the next one, if so. Fantastic review!

  3. I was definitely struck by the premise. Too bad the characters and the story didn't quite live up to the summary. Great review!

  4. I am becoming more and more attached to wanting to read Seers. Thank you for sharing today.


  5. I have not read this book but it is right up my alley in what I love to read! Thanks for the review!

  6. What a great review- this books sounds intriguing.



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