Tuesday 23 August 2011

Going on Vacation!!!!!!!!!

I'm writing this post,just to let everyone know that I will be away for the next couple of weeks on vacation!At last,after way too much planning, I'm ready to go to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece (at least that's what Im hearing from everyone who has already visited it!)!

So,for the next two weeks there will be no "fresh" post on the blog,just a few that I have already scheduled.
As soon as I come back,I'll let you know if Zakynthos is indeed as beautiful as everyone says!

Happy Summer to everyone and see you in two weeks!


  1. Happy holidays!! ^^ Make lots of photos and show us when you come. I love seeing photos :-) See you soon :P

  2. How exciting!! Be safe and have tons of fun!!

  3. Happy holidays Anna, enjoy it, and I hope you read some good books as well.


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