Thursday 24 February 2011

READING: Something About You by Julie James

Something About You by Julie James

Publication Date: March 2nd 2010
Publisher: Berkley
Paperback, 336 pages

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Staying overnight in a luxury hotel, Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde overhears a high-profile murder involving a U.S. Senator. Special Agent Jack Pallas is assigned to the investigation-the same Jack Pallas who still blames her for nearly ruining his career three years ago. Now the pair will have to put their rocky past behind them, focus on the case at hand-and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension.

I was quite pleasantly surprised with Something About You!It's the first adult contemporary romance i read and to be honest i liked it so much that i'm thinking of exploring this genre more.Starting with the other books Julie James has written!

Something About You is like watching a romance movie with some twists and turns in the plot,several action scenes and enough hot ones between the protagonists to top it all!A really enjoyable read!
The writing style isn't something extraordinary but i loved the way Julie James was able to create some very vivid pictures and scenes.I always like to be able to picture things in my mind when reading a book,and James "painted" some really nice in her book!I liked how she was able to make me understand the way US justice system works (given that her heroine,Cameron, is a US attorney assistant).And that says much,since i don't have the slightest clue how things work!

The idea of a romance between an attorney and an FBI agent is what first caught my atention in this book.I have a thing for agents,CIA or FBI i don't really care, especially when they are pictured as total hot and are coming with six-pack abs!So,i was really eager to see how things would work out between the heroes and truthfully i wasn't dissapointed!The romance is evenly paced (for me that translates,neither way too soon,nor really late just for the sake of suspence),the chemistry between the characters good and the whole surrounding story with enough suspence and mystery to get you going!

I also loved the surrounding characters,from the obsessed Amy to Wilkins,the FBI agent with a remarkable sense of humor.But my favorite was by far Collin.I always wanted to have a gay friend and Collin is just the type of the perfect friend!I loved his comments,his points of views and just everything about him!

The only problem i had with this book,was somewhere after the 1/3 of the book.I thought that the story dragged a bit there but thankfully that didn't last long and it picked up really soon after that making it hard for me to put the book down!

For my first adult contemporary romance,i have to admit that i made a good choice!At least it worked for me!And i totally recommend this book to any fan of romantic novels!


  1. Great review! You definitely made me want to pick it right up :)

  2. What a gorgeous dress on the cover. I'm a bit jealous of it.

  3. Great review. That cover alone makes me want to get it. It sounds like a fun, cute and romantic story.


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