Wednesday 15 December 2010

Most Awaited YA Releases Challenge

Books with Bite

Savannah over at Books with Bite decided to host her own challenge for this year and it's a really amazing one!!!
We all love YA books and,at least i,every year pack my TBR shelf with lots of YA titles that just seem really amazing to ignore!So, Savannah decided to host a challenge where we could just read all those YA titles we can't wait to put our hands on!And to top it off,every month she will host a giveaway with one of those books.

Here are some words from her own blog describing the challenge:
This is the Most Awaited YA Debut Challenge. In this, I challenge you to read the most awaited debuts of the year 2011. Below is list with each month, stating the most awaited debuts, along with the release dates. The list is not final, I may add a few more books if I find any. Each month I will choose a winner. The winner has a choice to win a book of his/her choice from this list. For example, if you win in January, but you want a book from March, I will send you that book whenever it is released. Also this is a year long challenge and is International.

1. You must sign up and grab button
2. You must do at least one review per month
3. You do not have to be a follower
4. Open to everyone!!!

I've already signed up and i can't wait to begin reading for this challenge!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I hope other will join :)

  2. They will,it's a good challenge!It just needs publicity!

  3. It is a good challenge debating whether I can squeeze another challenge in for next year lol


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