Thursday, 11 November 2010

Unfortunate.... covers!

I'm aware that the Bulgarian cover of Hex Hall has been revealed for some time now but i only yesterday came across it...And after i saw it,i just couldn't pass the opportunity of saying something about it!But before i say anything just take a look at it:

Bulgarian cover

UK cover

I mean come on!!!Who thought about putting those outfits on those cover girls???I understand that they wanted to somehow take the UK Hex Hall cover and take it a step further,i just think they took it so many steps farther that they made it unrecognisable!I've come across other unfortunate foreign covers,and here in Greece there were times where a cover was really bad but never have i seen something like this.
Hex Hall is a YA novel and one where sex isn't even touchable in the air between the main characters,just hinted barely in a form of  mild sexual tension,nothing more...This cover seems like screaming sex to me (tell me it's not my twisted idea?) Imagine taking your kids to the bookstore and they're asking for this book...After seeing that cover would you or wouldn't you buy them that book?Ok,i may tend to over judge by an image but clearly,that's what a book cover is grab the potential reader's attention and make him turn the book to read the summary.Anyway,i think it's the most unfortunate cover i have ever come across and one that clearly misleads the audience about a perfectly good book.


  1. Yikes! Hadn't seen this cover. Wow. I wonder what the marketing department was thinking...geez.

  2. Guess they're going with the old adage, "Sex sells."

    I wonder how many new readers will be disappointed at how tame the writing is when compared to what the cover offers.

  3. Sex sells but we're talking about a teenager target groupI know they know everything about sex (i knew at least),but this is...well unfortunate!

  4. That looks like some sort of school girl sex fantasy cover to me. It looks like something that should be on the cover of a men's magazine or part of a music video - not a YA book.
    Totally agree with you.
    And then on a purely asthetic level - it's ugly and garish.

  5. You are so right!
    The original cover reminds "Mean Girls" when the other just says "sex" all over it. I would have never picked the book..even for my TBR.

  6. No, no, I would definitely not let my teenage daughter pick up a book with this cover. :/ Definitely glad the US covers are more tame. With lots more clothing.

  7. YIKES! The UK cover isn't so bad but the other one. Come on, now. I feel like that cover completely ruined the book.

  8. Hahahaha xD It seems like a porn movie....

  9. OMG!! No, it is definitely not your twisted idea ... this cover screams the kind of sexual tension that kids that age shouldn't even smell in the air.

    From a mother's perspective, I would absolutely not buy that for my daughter.

    Looking at it from a "big girl" perspective, I think it's rather funny!

  10. ok, I am not such of fun of those types of YA books, bus the first one seems.... well Anna described it pretty well, it writes sex all over the place, even on nearby books


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