Monday 9 August 2010

READING: Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Publication Date: March 23rd 2010
Publisher: Spectra
Mass Market Paperback, 371 pages

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Justine Jones has a secret. A hardcore hypochondriac, she’s convinced a blood vessel is about to burst in her brain. Then, out of the blue, a startlingly handsome man named Packard peers into Justine’s soul and invites her to join his private crime-fighting team. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal. With a little of Packard’s hands-on training, Justine can weaponize her neurosis, turning it outward on Midcity’s worst criminals, and finally get the freedom from fear she’s always craved. End of problem.

Or is it? In Midcity, a dashing police chief is fighting a unique breed of outlaw with more than human powers. And while Justine’s first missions, including one against a nymphomaniac husband-killer, are thrilling successes, there is more to Packard than meets the eye. Soon, while battling her attraction to two very different men, Justine is plunging deeper into a world of wizardry, eroticism, and cosmic secrets. With Packard’s help, Justine has freed herself from her madness—only to discover a reality more frightening than anyone’s worst fears.

I'm sad to say it but i couldn't finish this book...I really tried to get into it and although i rarely leave something unfinished i couldn't continue reading this one.I tried for 3 days and all i could read were 50 pages and even that was difficult.

I didn't like Crane's writing style,everything was so confusing,for me anyway.It was like throwing bits of information the whole time with no order.Anyway,those bits of information didn't manage to grab me in the story.I also didn't like the main heroine.And not because she was hypochondriac ...Since i'm a psychologist i have dealt with far worse conditions and believe me when i say it,i can't find anything annoying.I sympathise with people dealing their problems whether they are aware of them or not.So,that wasn't the reason i didn't like the heroine.In fact,the profile of a person suffering from this neurosis was quite acurate.My problem was that this girl didn't know what she wanted.Her attraction to Packard didn't catch my interest,nor her relationship with Cubby.Granted,she stayed with him for what he representated in her life,but apart from that?Her life was a total mess,without a reason apart from her neurosis.Ok,i know,believing the whole time that you'll die out of a fatal disease kind of messes up your life but that wasn't the case again...I felt the whole time that something was missing,something annoyed me and i can't really pinpoint what.

But i could overcome all of the above,cause,let's be honest,things might get their explanation further on and could get better.What i couldn't overcome was the main idea behind the book.Using one's neurosis to punish criminals....???It's disturbing in first sight,sick,coming to think of it again.No matter how bad is someone,who could,outside of the law system in addition,decide how to punish them.I felt annoyed that a person who could get a psychological insight of people he met,would use that power for his profit,cause let's be honest,that's what Packard did...He got paid to unleash his colleagues's neurosis at people who were criminals by his own definition.Believe me,i don't care if that get's explained later on the book,the mere idea made me sick.I've seen how people suffer in such situations and it's nothing that should be passed to another one,no matter what.Maybe i'm oversensitive with the matter but i can't help it.

But the thing doesn't stop here.The other idea behind the book,that you could,in order to preserve your own sanity,unleash bits of it to anyone that's compatible with you is even worse...It's like "your death,my life",a moto i never aspired.

As i said,i stopped reading the book really soon,so maybe some of the things i didn't like,got better in the process,but i don't think that the main idea,the one where neurotic people use their condition to punish others,could change much.So,in case things get better,i'm sorry about my harsh opinion but i'm not sorry i won't continue with this book ever.Maybe,i'm overreacting,but i think that even the worse criminals,deserve to be judget before being punished,and i don't really think that everyone knows what's best for someone and change him in that direction.Because after all,that was what it was all about this book.Punish criminals and make them suffer from anxiety or hallucinations in order to make them better persons.Really,in that case,what is so different from the belief  in early 1900's that a lobotomy did good to schizofrenics?

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  1. well... if u own this book, then you can do a book give away.. some one out there might like the book.

    but to me too. i dont want to read a book with some physco stuff in it :P


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