Saturday 28 August 2010

READING: Almost to Die For (Vampire Princess of St. Paul,#1) by Tate Hallaway

Almost to Die For by Tate Hallaway

Publication Date: August 3rd 2010
Publisher: NAL Trade
Paperback, 241 pages

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On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija Parker's present winds up being the shock of a lifetime. When her mom referred to her absentee dad as a deadbeat it was actually half true -- he's a vampire. And a king, no less. A king who wants his daughter to assume her rightful position at his side. But, thanks to Ana's mother, the blood of a witch also runs through her veins....

Too bad vampires and witches are mortal enemies.

With her parents gearing up for an all out brawl over her destiny, Ana's about ready to scream. But things get even crazier when a male witch and a brooding bad boy vampire start vying for her affection. Then the barely leashed tension between the vampires and the witches starts to boil over, and Ana has to figure out once and for all if she wants to become heir to her dad's throne. And deciding your eternal destiny is a pretty big deal for a girl who just wants to get through high school.

As i picked this book, one thought came to my mind the whole time,that it was somehow a mix of Harry Potter,Princess Diaries and Twilight!With the whole witches and princesses thing,in the beggining of this book Ana kept reminding me of Anne Hathaway at Princess Diaries!Well,at least after a few chapters it stopped reminding me of any of the above mentioned books!

I liked this one quite a lot to be honest.Although it was a bit naive at times and the main heroine was a bit shallow (i mean she's afraid of her freedom while simultaneously her mind is set on an upcoming party...?) but in overall i enjoyed myself!It's the first book in a new series,and most of the times,the first book is a bit akward and this particular one didn't escape this very trap.

The pace was also a bit uneven.While there were times i couldn't put the book down,right after a few pages it slowed down in an unbelievable internal teenage rambling.Ana,is a typical teenager,the girl who is so beautiful but doesn't even know about it,has a low self esteem and among all these she is half witch,half vampire when those two races are in a big war!Ans instead of being more anxious to find her place among this chaos,she's more concerned of a party,a date or the wrong kind of clothes!
Another drawback also,were the side characters on this book!None was too well developed!We got to know a bit of Ana's mother,father,best friend,love interest but nothing too much or vital for the story and definitely nothing about their personalities!

What i did enjoy though,was the writing style!Though nothing fancy or extraordinary,it was fun!This fact along with the interesting story will make me read the next book in the series for sure!

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