Thursday 25 April 2013

REVIEW: A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce by Jillian Stone

A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce by Jillian Stone

Series:The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard, #2.5
Publication Date:November 6th 2012
Publisher:Pocket Star
ebook, 100 pages
Useful Info: Goodreads, Author's Website

A force of attraction...too tempting to resist.

As readers of The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series already know, Archibald “Archie” Bruce heads up the crime laboratory for Special Branch. Undervalued and overworked, the brilliant young man has no time for a social life—that is, until the heroine's father, a noted chemist in his own right, offers Archie a deal. He will modify a secret latex compound that will transfer fingerprints from the crime scene to the lab. In exchange, Archie must agree to tutor his charming but exasperating daughter, Miss Fiona A. Rose, for the major pharmacy exam.

But as Archie and Fiona attempt to study for the major, they can't help but get involved in a bit of sleuthing. Was the fire in the opium den accidental or deliberately set? Who was behind the lab explosion? Not to mention the strange and haunting memory of a masquerade ball and a very seductive kiss...

Amidst the pop quizzes and danger, Fiona and Archie ultimately find the force of attraction too tempting to resist.

A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce is part of the very successful Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series, written by Jillian Stone. And if you read my reviews of the previous two books in this series, then you know that I'm in love with both Jillian Stone's writing style and her stories. So, it comes as no big surprise, that A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce, didn't fail to impress me!

I'm usually not a big fan of novellas, because in most cases, the story and the plot are pretty basic, and the character development is non existent. Not that I haven't been impressed or really liked novellas, but in most cases, they fail me. So, I'm more than happy to admit that even with a novella, Jillian Stone manages to retain the same quality in her writing, that makes her stories truly stand out!

A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce may be smaller than her full novels, but it's just as good as the previous two books in the series!

This story is about Inspector Bruce and Fiona, who fall in love during some seriously hot chemistry lessons and amidst a very dangerous setting! What's there not to love!

Inspector Bruce is as hot and smart and courageous as the rest of the Scotland Yard gentlemen, while Fiona is as independent as the previous two ladies we got to know in the previous books. One might believe that meeting characters that share the same qualities in each book in this series might be a little bit boring, but let me warn you here, that even though all the characters share some qualities, they are not alike, not by a long shot. You have enough reason to remember each and everyone of them for very different reasons :)

The story is again action packed, even if the resolution comes quicker due to the length of the story and probably for that very same reason, it was way to easy for me to guess the traitor. But even so, A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce was a highly enjoyable read!

All in all, Jillian Stone manages to make me love her work more book by book! And with all those tempting glances at Agent Gunn, I just can't wait to read his story!

*This ARC was provided for a review from Edelweiss

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