Tuesday 22 May 2012

EARLY REVIEW: Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Series: Nightwatchers, #1

Publication Date:May 29th 2012
Publisher:Harlequin Teen
Paperback, 348 pages
Book & Purchase Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Book Depository

I don't do dangerous. Smart, über-careful, ordinary Samantha-that's me. But I just couldn't pass up a surprise kiss from my number-one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me...something strange. Now I feel hungry all the time, but not for food. It's like part of me is missing-and I don't know if I can get it back. Then there's Bishop. At first I thought he was just a street kid, but the secrets he's keeping are as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. If he's what I think he is, he may be the only one who can help me. But something terrifying is closing in, and the one chance Bishop and I have to stop it means losing everything I ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside me.... NIGHTWATCHERS When angels and demons must work together, something beyond evil is rising...

I picked up Dark Kiss feeling quite certain that this book was right up my alley and that it would be a story I'd really enjoy. Unfortunately, although the story was something I would probably enjoy, the way it was presented and executed failed to grab my interest and entertain me.

My problems with Dark Kiss started really soon. From the very first chapters to be exact. I may knew and thus expected that in this story a kiss would play a major role, but still, the way the main heroine Sam, loses her soul through a kiss felt really cheesy. Cheesy and overused. But since I already knew and suspected that from the premise and title, I got past it easily. What I couldn't get past though throughout the whole book was the main heroine,Sam. I can easily say that she was the main reason I couldn't enjoy this book as much as I expected along with a couple more reasons, surely, but she, was unfortunately the main one...

From the first chapters I felt no connection with Sam, I couldn't fathom her reactions to things, I couldn't understand the way she acted or what exactly motivated her. More than enough times, I got the impression that she acted in a way, only because in that way, the story could move forward. It's something I have seen in other stories in the past, and not once did I appreciate it. There are always ways to proceed your story and make your heroes act in a consistent way. Always. And if not, then there's something wrong with the way the story proceeds.
Sam, acted in a bizarre way many times throughout the book. From the beginning when she meets Bishop, the hero, a boy she never have seen before in her life and treats him as a long lost friend up to the end when she goes and confronts a total stranger who she doesn't even trust with some rather crazy (even if true) accusations, Sam, acts like no sane or real person would. At least the way I see it.
My other problem with her, was the fact that she accepted things total strangers told her as facts way too easily... It was like:
Bishop:" I'm an angel"
Sam: " You must be joking right? Okay and what is your mission on earth?"
You get the picture. Bottom line, Samantha needed work for me. And I have to admit that I focused so much to her and her unrealistic reactions so much that all the rest went more or less unnoticed.

The story, was something that I would enjoy and the execution, though not perfect was good enough but unfortunately, I couldn't get into the story no matter how hard I tried. Add to that the fact that it was repeated again and again that Sam was Special by almost everyone in the story from page one and I hate to admit it, but I couldn't wait to finish the book. I mean, the word special was mentioned every other page and we got no hints whatsoever as to why she was so special. I understand that those answers weren't given so easily to maintain the mystery of the story but still, all those appearances of the word special tired me a bit.

Writing a bad review is never a task I enjoy. Never. And I'm certain that what I didn't like in Dark Kiss, others may really enjoy, or find other things to like that I failed to see. But personally, I just couldn't enjoy this story, no matter how hard I tried.

*This title was reviewed via NetGalley

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