Thursday 13 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I was really glad to be informed that i was awarded by Zakiya from Butterfly Feet Walking on Life , Jess from She Known as Jess and Braiden from Braiden's YA Concoction awarded me with the Stylish blogger award!I'm always really glad when i receive an award and really thankfull to anyone who thinks of pasiing it to me!Thank you guys!
So,here is a bit more about the award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award, and link back to them in your post.
2) Tell us seven (7) things about yourself.
3) Award 15 super-stylish bloggers this award
4) Contact those bloggers and let them know they have won.

So,here are 7 things about myself:
1. I wear contact lenses.Without them i'm pretty much blind!
2.I'm addicted to coffee.I can't spend a day without drinking at least two cups of coffee!
3.I've studied psychology
4.I've worked as a waitress and it's the only job until now that i really enjoyed doing!
5.I'm the only girl in the whole family.All my cousins are guys and although as a kid i couldn't find with whom to play,right now i enjoy the attention i get from all of them!
6.The first book i ever read is Journey around the world in 80 days by Jules Verne
7.I love Jeaniene's Frost work.Her books actually were the first of the paranormal genre i ever read and the hold a special spot in my heart :)

Here are the blogs i'll pass the award to:
Kilee's Closet


  1. Congrats and thanks so much for thinking of me for this award! Awesome!! :)
    Kristy @ Dreaming By Day

  2. Congrats and thank you so much! I can definitely see why you won this as your blog is exceptionally stylish and thanks for gifting it to me as well. It's so flattering to be recognized by other book bloggers especially individuals so far apart geographically! (I'm guessing by Athens you mean Greece and not Athens, Ohio or Athens, Georgia in the USA...)

    But along with our love of books and blogging, I am also near blind without my contact lenses and I love coffee too! (I have switched to tea more since the new year - but I still love my caffeine.) Great to learn more about you and thanks again for the award!

  3. Thank you Lisa for your kind words!Yeah i mean Athens, Greece!
    I tried to switch to tea also but i only manage it at summer with iced tea!

  4. hi there..

    thanks for awarding my blog. its the first one i received.. but i only just read your comment just now. hope its not too late..

    keep on reading books! its one of the best things to do in the world :)


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