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Speaking of Love Blog Tour: Interview with Ophelia London + Giveaway!

Today I'm really thrilled to welcome author Ophelia London here at Books to Brighten your Mood as part of her Blog Tour for her newest release with Entangled Publishing, Speaking of Love. Speaking of Love is a sweet contemporary romance (if you've read even a single title from the Bliss imprint by Entangled, you know what I mean!) and the second book in her Perfect Kisses series. Ophelia stops by today to answer a few of my questions and to give you the chance to participate in an amazing giveaway! More details of the giveaway you can find at the end of the post.
So, let's welcome Ophelia!

Anna: Hello Ophelia and welcome to Books to Brighten your Mood! Could you please tell us a few things about your newest release, Speaking of Love?

Ophelia: Thank you! I’m so happy to be here. And sure! “Speaking of Love” is about Mackenzie and Rick, two friends who discover they can’t live without each other while tangled up in a matchmaking scheme. Très bad timing!

Anna: Opposites attract according to the law of physics and reading the summary of Speaking of Love, you do believe in that! Is that union explosive or just something that can’t be helped?

Ophelia: I definitely think that opposites attract. It’s a way of fitting two pieces together to make a perfect, well-rounded whole. With Mac and Rick, they fought against what they thought were insurmountable differences at the beginning, but soon realized that their differences are what make them the perfect match! I had a lot of fun fitting them together.

Anna: Can a man and woman be real friends or do you believe that no matter what they claim, there’s something more going on, at least for one of them?  

Ophelia: Great questions! In real life, yes, I believe men and women can be friends. Hopefully, that is, because I have a lot of male friends whom I feel nothing but friendship for. But I suppose for my hypothesis to be correct, you’d have to ask them. ;) In romance novels, however, the “only friends” set up is the perfect trap for unexpected true love.

Anna: Could you please give us a short physical description of Mac and Rick and if Speaking of Love would become a movie, what would be your dream cast?

Ophelia: Ooh, my favorite part! Mac is a little thing but with a huge personality. She’s got blonde hair, blue eyes and what Rick describes as “the biggest, sexiest mouth.” Rick also has light hair (kind of wavy and rumpled) and blue eyes. Tall, nice shoulders and Mac is rather partial to his butt in Levis. In the movie, Mac would be played by Anna Chlumsky (from “My Girl” all grown up, and “Veep”), and Rick is Arnie Hammer (the studly guy who places the equally studly Winklevoss twins in “Social Network.” Swoooon!)

Anna: Do you plan on writing a new story in the Perfect Kisses series? 

Ophelia: I do. I’m working on a spin-off with Charlie Johansson, that lovable soldier playboy from the first two books. I’m having a blast with it so far.

Anna: What are your future plans? What should we expect from you after Speaking of Love? 

Ophelia: My future involves writing, writing and more writing! The most exciting news is that “Abby Road,” my darling print book, is releasing through Entangled Select on March 26th. I can hardly contain my own squeeing when I talk about it!

Anna: Are there any authors that influenced your work? 

Ophelia: Definitely! So many. Marian Keyes is a big one. She is a wizard at taking deep and sometimes traumatic storylines and adding lightness and humor. I really envy that skill. Her books are amazing!

Anna: When not writing, how do you like spending your free time? 

Ophelia: Well, I just finished watching “Downton Abbey.” *gasp* And I also love to run and shoe shop and gaze through the front window at Sprinkles.

Anna: Could you share with us a couple of your favorite books and/or movies? 

Ophelia: I’m a chick, so I love all things chick-lit and chick-flick. Favorites include Sophie Kinsella’s Shopoholic series, the Twilights (I know, I know…) and of course all things Jane Austen. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is my favorite movie, and I also love “Dear Frankie” (Gerard Butler: major swoon!) and I will always stop down for “Overboard.”

Anna: Which place in the world are you dying to visit? 

Ophelia: I lived in London for a summer while in grad school and have been dying to go back. I’d also love to visit Italy (have you read “The Enchanted April?”) and Scotland. (Did I mention Gerard Butler in “Dear Frankie?”) Shall we plan a girls’ trip? Who’s with me??

About Ophelia London
Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas and she's lived in Dallas ever since. A cupcake and treadmill aficionado (obviously those things are connected), she spends her time watching arthouse movies and impossibly trashy TV, while living vicariously through the characters in the books she writes. Ophelia is the author of PLAYING AT LOVE, SPEAKING OF LOVE... and ABBY ROAD. Visit her at But don't call when The Vampire Diaries is on.

Visit Ophelia

About Speaking of Love

Title: Speaking of Love
Author: Ophelia London
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 230 pages
Release Date:  February 11th 2013
Imprint: Bliss
Buy it at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Speech teacher and successful matchmaker Mackenzie Simms decides to find a woman for her friend, handsome newspaper tycoon Rick Duffy. Though they’ve been each other’s go-to dates for the past month, Mac and Rick couldn’t be more different: she is outspoken, sarcastic, and completely loathes his privileged lifestyle. He’s laid-back, unassuming, and seems comfortable at an upper-class charity function. So why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Rick knows he and the opinionated-though-adorable Mackenzie are better off as friends, so he agrees to the double-date getaway Mac plans at his family cabin. But seeing Mac cuddle up with her “friendly” date rankles Rick beyond reason, and Mac regrets her matchmaking scheme the minute she sees the way her beauty-queen cousin looks at Rick. Can Mac ‘fess up to what’s really in her heart, when speaking her mind puts everything at risk?


Entangled Publishing is generously offering an iPod shuffle, an early copy of Abby Road, two swag packs, and two e-books of Speaking of Love. There will be 5 winners in total. (Open Internationally)

The giveaway is sponsored by the publisher and I have no responsibility over the prizes or the selection of winners.

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